Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grant 2 to 6 months

Grant changed so much from the time he was two months old until six months old.

Things Grant did during these times :

  • grew chunky and healthy
  • made little baby friends
  • loved tummy time and his jeep walker
  • started baby talking way early
  • rolled over
  • first zoo trip
  • visited aunt rah rah in Hattiesburg
  • my happy baby
  • first halloween

Unfortunately I never wrote in a baby book every time my little man did something that was exciting, but as a mother, some things you just never forget. Grant grew so fast right in front of my eyes and I am so lucky that I got to witness all of the big and little things that you learned to do. Being a stay at home mom, I was able to see it all and I am so proud of the little toddler my baby has become.

Baby's First Halloween!
visiting Aunt rah rah

Carving pumpkins

Hunting with dada

Kisses from big brother

Grant riding a Talyn pony
Making Friends

Rolling over

Daddy bought a motorcycle

Zoo trip!

My funny bunny

My angel!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grant 1 month

May quickly flew by, and the next thing I remember Grant was 1 month old. Will graduated two weeks after Grant was born and let me just add that he is the most determined, hard working guy that I have ever met. He does anything and everything to make sure Grant and I are well and fed. We are lucky to have him and love Will so much!
Daddy and Grant on graduation day

Now enough about WIll and back to baby Grant. Grant grew like a weed right before our eyes. In the first month he basically slept and ate a lot.

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May I just add also that I have a cousin named Amanda who has basically been everything of mine from family doctor, gyno, pediatrician, maid, personal chef, babysitter, etc... She is basically my go to girl. I have watch her be a great mother and example for almost 3 years now with her little boy, Eli. When Grant was a week old, Amanda came to stay for the weekend and help me... And by help me, I mean she HELPED... And Eli is always so precious with "Gant". I think they will grow up to be best friends.

Eli hanging out in Grant's bouncer lol

Eli LOVES to hold a paci for a baby! 

Another cousin of mine, Jordan, was pregnant at the same time I was :) I will say that it was fun to experience pregnancy with her because she is hilarious, so she made every lovely side effect of pregnancy a hoot!!!! Her beautiful baby was born with a head full of hair and of course Jordan didn't experience an ounce of indigestion! I look forward to watching them grow up together~!
Grant and Addison Faith

The most important day of our lives.

May 5, 2010, was a very exciting day for me :) I was admitted in the hospital at 3 in the afternoon to have the beautiful baby boy I had waited 9 months to see.

 Grant was a hard headed little baby from the get go :) A lot like his daddy :) ... But he was definitely worth waiting another day for. I was so nervous during the 9 month pregnancy of how I would react during labor. I had no idea what to expect. Being pregnant is the best thing in the entire world but full of surprises, so needless to say I had no idea what to expect during delivery. The entire pregnancy my mom would tell me that there will be nothing in this world I would ever love as much as my own baby. And I knew I loved Grant so much but every time my mom told me that I didn't fully understand her until 1:51 pm on May 6, 2010 when Grant was born. I will be honest, I was scared to death in the delivery room. When Dr Guedon held my baby up for me and Will to see, he was purple and limp. He wasn't breathing :( ... So instead of the Dr throwing Grant on top of me for me to love on him, he quickly handed him off to the nurse. Will followed the nurse right by her side to make sure everything was ok, I think he was a little scared too. I can remember I don't think I took a single breath until I heard my baby whimper. And when I heard that little sound, I knew that my baby was finally breathing. And that was such a relief to me. Once the nurse cleared Grant's air way, she immediately bundled him up and brought him to my arms. Words can not describe the feeling I felt in my heart for this little baby. He was the most beautiful thing that I had ever laid eyes on. Grant immediately touched my face and melted my heart into a million pieces. Our families only let me bond with him for about ten seconds before they came running in the room anxiously waiting to see how beautiful he was. 

Grant's first picture
The first time holding my angel

Everyone baby hogging from the beginning 
Grant touching my face :) We love each other so much

Daddy following baby everywhere

Our first family photo

He was the sweetest newborn baby that I had ever been around. Grant got passed from me to everyone in the family and did not cry one time. He acted as if he knew everyone that held him loved him unconditionally and he was completely comfortable in their arms. The nurse took Grant away to the nursery for 2 hours for them to check him out and make sure he was healthy, and he was :) 9 pounds and 1 oz of healthiness :) And 22 inches long. Grant had the prettiest tan skin, and the sweetest baby lips. After two hours had passed, I called the nursery and asked if I could finally hold my baby again, and they let me of course! The first diaper change I did was very interesting to say the least. Mawmaw Allred stood next to me to help change him and the second I took Grant's diaper off and started talking to him, he p'ed straight into the air, straight into my mouth as if he were aiming for my mouth to open, straight on the side of my face, onto mawmaw's shirt, stuck through my hair. All we could do was laugh so hard, because it was so funny. That will definitely be one great memory I will always have :) ...  Will never left my side at the hospital either :) We were both crazy about this baby that God had blessed us with. And I forgot to mention at the top of this story that your daddy got to cut Grant's umbilical chord, and when he cut it, fluid slung out of it onto his face, it was PRICELESS and hilarious!!! :) So needless to say, my baby was a hand full from the get go, but the best hand full I had ever received! We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights just to make sure we all were ok and healthy. The day we brought Grant home, we took him to hon hon's house (my mom). I wanted to stay at my moms house to make sure I would have lots of help after being sore. The day we got home from the hospital was Mother's Day :) My First Mother's Day :) Will and Grant rounded the corner holding a single rose just for me :) And still to this day, I do not know what I did to deserve either of those boys, but I thank God every day that he chose me to be a mother and wife. And I promise I will do my best to be the best mommy that Grant could ever have.

I think it's safe to say your daddy marked you big time!
Prettiest baby 
Thank you God for my saving grace

My first mother's day :) 
The first sentence to all of my prayers is thanking God so much for choosing me to be this little boys momma. He saved my lived in so many ways and will truly never know how grateful I am. Will and I love Grant more than anything in this world. God is Good :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Love Story

 A lot of people don't believe in love at first sight, but in our case, it was the truth. In May of 2008, I lived in a house in Monroe, La. My roommate at the time, Whitney, was seeing a guy named Cole Blackard. I was walking around the house and heard Cole compliment Whitney and I said out loud, "Gosh, you are too precious, I wish you had a twin or a brother or someone that would be nice to me." And of course I said this sarcastically... But my sarcastic statement turned into the love of my life :)
Later that night, I met Will :) And we loved each at first sight... We were inseparable after that day. And I could not have picked a better man to love me

This is what Will fell in love with :) 

This is the handsome hunk I fell in love with


                      On November 14, 2009, I married my best friend and the love of my life. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Wedding Day And Honey Moon

November 14, 2009, was such a perfect day for me. I woke up with butterflies in my tummy, so excited to be marrying my best friend. Will and I had dated for a year and a half before getting engaged. When you know, you know :) And I knew that he was the love of my life. Our wedding was simple and beautiful. We chose to get married at The Briars, a beautiful, antebellum home in Natchez, Ms.  
Me with mr bridesmaids. Sara, Krystle, Whitney & Jordan
Groomsmen & Ushers. Brian, Cole J., Cole, Pat, Cody,& Josh J

Wedding Party :) 
My wedding was everything that I expected and more. Will's favorite car is a chevelle, and I had looked for 3 months for a chevelle to pull up to The Briars in and the day before my wedding I found one (yes I am a last minute kind of person). Everyone in my wedding party told me that when I stepped out of the car, Will didn't say a word about me but said, "Yall is that a chevelle." What can I say :) I set myself up for him to notice the car before me, but regardless of what or who he noticed first, he still married me.

Our wedding was very special to me. My daddy walked me down the aisle and gave me away. I had all of our close friends and family to share the big day with me. We chose a singer to sing Allison Kraus, When you say nothing at all, and also Tupelo Honey. And we can not forget the infamous kiss. My whole engagement I kept begging Will to practice "the kiss" with me. He of course never did because he thought it should be a spontaneous action. It ended up being a spontaneous action to say the least!!! We went in for a short and sweet kiss and the next the I know, the back of my neck had be grabbed and I was kissing a little bit more. Everyone laughed, and I should've expected him to be so wild.  Haley Bale was the photographer, and she did an amazing job. I have so many pictures of my perfect day that I will cherish forever.

After the wedding, Will and I enjoyed our family and friends at our reception, then headed to our honey moon. We chose Gatlinburg, Tn. We LOVED going to the mountains. The weather was beautiful. Our cabin was beautiful. Our entire trip was beautiful, to say the least. We took hikes to waterfalls, we climbed mountains, shopped, took old timey pictures, went to the huge aquarium, and ate a lot. We would love to go back one day, maybe he will surprise me one anniversary, hint hint!