Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grant 2 to 6 months

Grant changed so much from the time he was two months old until six months old.

Things Grant did during these times :

  • grew chunky and healthy
  • made little baby friends
  • loved tummy time and his jeep walker
  • started baby talking way early
  • rolled over
  • first zoo trip
  • visited aunt rah rah in Hattiesburg
  • my happy baby
  • first halloween

Unfortunately I never wrote in a baby book every time my little man did something that was exciting, but as a mother, some things you just never forget. Grant grew so fast right in front of my eyes and I am so lucky that I got to witness all of the big and little things that you learned to do. Being a stay at home mom, I was able to see it all and I am so proud of the little toddler my baby has become.

Baby's First Halloween!
visiting Aunt rah rah

Carving pumpkins

Hunting with dada

Kisses from big brother

Grant riding a Talyn pony
Making Friends

Rolling over

Daddy bought a motorcycle

Zoo trip!

My funny bunny

My angel!

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  1. I sure do love that little man!! So precious, oh and his parents are ok too!!!